CBD Vegan Fruit Treats 25mgs - 50mgs per treat 10x's per bag


Contains: 0.00% THC, Lite, Natural Powdered Sugar (cornstarch), Pectin, Natural Flavors, 99.7% Pure CBD Isolate 

  • EXP 12/2022

    These CBD (Cannabidiol) infused Vegan Fruit Treats were derived and processed from industrial hemp. The CBD was then isolated into its purest form and added to the natural fruit flavored product.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) one of over 120 known Cannabinoids, has been said to naturally assist with:

    1. Helps to relieve pain and inflammation

    2. Helps to reduce anxiety and depression

    3. Helps with cell function as seen in cancer symptom treatment

    4. May reduce acne, topically applied can also treat pain locally

    5. Might have neuroprotective properties

    6. Could benefit heart-health

    7. Several other potential benefits include:

       - Antipsychotic effects

       - Substance abuse treatment

       - Anti-tumor effects 

       - Diabetes prevention 


    "This product has not been approved of by the FDA." 

  • Suggested use

    Each Fruit Slice is a 50mg dose of CBD. Take 1-2 daily for health maintenancce or as needed depending on usage for pain, anxiety, depression or sleep. 


    As a nutritional supplement, eating a CBD fruit slice will enter digestive tract and interact with your diet. Benefits of ingesting CBD can be seen with better sleep and faster recovery of soreness in muscles and bones.


    It is suggested to maintain and balanced and healthy lifestyle and diet to see the benefits of adding CBD to your diet.