CBD Body Wash 120mgs

CBD Body Wash 120mgs


GreenCELL™ Pure CBD Body Wash is made with our pharma grade extracted essential oils and CBD Isolate. This Body Wash, is made with the right balance of essential oils to both disperse grease and bacteria while nurishing skin by delivering molecule sized CBD into pores for rejuvenation, purification, protection and vibrance. 

  • Ingredients

    water, coconut oil, olive oil, organic essential oil* and terpene blends for aroma and seratonin inducing therapuetic effects.  

  • Caution

    Do not drink, or consume, keep out of eyes. Flush eyes well with water for 15 minutes. Consult with a doctor if irritation persists

  • Suggested Use

    Use daily in showers, bathes, or as a hand soap sanitzer with a few dros and plenty of water. 

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