CBD Isolate 10,000mgs / 10 Grams

CBD Isolate 10,000mgs / 10 Grams


99% Pure CBD Isolate Powderized

Extracted from Industrial Hemp

Registered Hemp Farm

3rd Party Lab Tested

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • Suggested use

    CBD isolate is a concentrated and powderized form of CBD natrally extracted from hemp. Many people prefer this form of CBD to add to hot drinks such as tea or coffee or infused into food that is baked. 


    This products contains 1,000mgs or 1 gram of CBD isolate and should be carefully measured into daily doses of 50-100mgs.


    Take for health maintenance or as needed, depending on usage for pain, anxiety, depression or sleep. 


    "This product has not been approved of by the FDA"