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GreenCELL™ Farms Mountain Mango Hemp Flower

GreenCELL™ Farms Mountain Mango Hemp Flower

$7.00 Regular Price
$2.80Sale Price

Grown in the Garden State, on GreenCELL’s Hydroponic and Organic Regenerative Veggie Fruit Farms.


Genetics: Mountain Mango


Mountain Mango is a rare and unique hemp cultivar. Aptly named, she grows tall and stout like a mountain, and has all the tropical sweetness of a ripe mango. Originally bred in the foothills of Colorado's front range mountains, it's by far the sweetest hemp we've tasted yet.


Flavor and Aroma: Abundant and unique terpene profile. Mango, Lychee, Passion fruit, and Guava all come together like a fresh tropical smoothie topped off with a hint of limey, citrusy, resiny goodness. Rare connoisseur variety, aptly named.

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