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GreenCELL™ Farms Lemon G Hemp Flower + CBG

GreenCELL™ Farms Lemon G Hemp Flower + CBG

$7.00 Regular Price
$2.80Sale Price

Grown in the Garden State, on GreenCELL’s Organic Regenerative Veggie Fruit Farms.


Genetics: Lemon G CBG

Plant Characteristics Lemon G is a CBG specific hemp variety that produces extremely low THC levels, which rarely exceed 0.1%. Light green and full of trichomes, easy to trim with compact globular-like buds. Very few pistils are short in size and light orange in appearance. A squat bushy growth habit with large fan leaves. A great low-growing plant that holds up well to high winds.

Flavor and Aroma: Loud

caryophyllene and myrcene dominant terpene profile. A mix of skunky and sweet, think: pomelo, lemon, sour orange with a piney twist!

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