GreenCELL Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower CBD + CBG

GreenCELL Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower CBD + CBG

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Grown in the Hudson Valley New York, on a Certified Organic Farm, GreenCELL brings you our Cherry Blossome Hemp Flower, High in CBD and CBG.




Cherry Wine + Berry Blossom


Cherry Blossom was born in western Colorado, that’s clear, but what isn’t clear is the exact lineage. While Berry Blossom seems to be a common thread in most reports, the other strain isn’t as well determined.


Cherry Blossom hemp flower is a high-CBD strain packed with cherry and berry flavors. It has a powerfully relaxing and mood-boosting effect.


These flowers are a very light green color and are covered in crystallized trichomes that give the buds a white-green appearance.


The dense, sticky buds have quite a bit of orange hairs, but they are largely hidden under the larger calyxes.


This strain has a lovely sweet and floral aroma with cherry and berry flavors. A touch Caryophyllene gives Cherry Blossom a bit of heat on the lips and in the nose when smoked.


Cherry Blossom is a great pick for anyone who needs a high potency CBD flower combined with a terpene profile that encourages resting and relief.


It’s also a good choice for hemp flower lovers looking for something with a great overall effect, flavor, and potency profile.